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Gasoline prices went down by P1 today.. that’s equivalent to like.. say.. $5 cents USD? So it’s at about $.90 per liter now, or $3.20 per gallon. Prices for diesel is supposed to go down by about P9.

I’ve been so busy. Ridiculously busy, almost. But life is good. No time to stop and think sometimes, but maybe it’s better that way.

I read some articles a while ago about bees. Apis Mellifera

The fact is, I grew up around bees- and everything I’ve got I have because of bees. My dad’s a commercial beekeeper, and I’d say, I love the honey business. The bees smell good, you don’t have to work hard all year- and it’s great to be out in nature and just be around the bees. And well- I’m a workaholic, and so are bees, we fit together I think. I also have this rather strange fetish, I suppose, for drones- i.e., the male bees.
I mean, just look at that. Who can resist? These little guys don’t have stingers, have round bums, and hugely round eyes. They move around rather slowly and are just so totally cute! It’s really funny that one of the Philippine’s dialects has a name for these little guys- i.e, “mama lupar” which basically means “mama’s boy”.

The lives of drones are very simple. Since all the worker bees, and the queen- are female, – well, the only work of the drone is to basically mate queens. After having mated, these poor guys die. One other thing they are said to do is heat up the hive. Their bodies have a bit more fat than the regular worker bees, so they kinda help the heat going inside the hives. But once food is scarce, these guys are thrown out of the house! They are quite high maintenance, hence in the harsh months such as winter months or rainy season – it’s rare to see any drones around because first of all, they have big appetites and well- they kinda like the service, like you know, having worker bees come around and feed them. I guess, in nature’s law, you really can’t get everything you want.

Honeybee Wipeout May be Averted with Flower Recovery Zones

STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) – Honey bees, whose numbers are falling, must be given flowery “recovery zones” in Europe’s farmlands to aid their survival, a leading EU lawmaker said Wednesday.

Bees pollinate numerous crops and scientists have expressed alarm over their mysterious and rapid decline. Experts have warned that a drop in the bee population could harm agriculture.

“If we continue to neglect the global bee population, then this will have a dramatic effect on our already strained world food supplies,” said Neil Parish, who chairs the European Parliament’s agriculture committee.

Parish, a British conservative, said vast swathes of single crops such as wheat often made it difficult for bees to find enough nectar.

But he said farmers could help bees by planting patches of bee-friendly flowers — including daisies, borage and lavender.

“We’re talking about less than one percent of the land for bee-friendly crops — in corners where farmers can’t get to with their machinery, round trees and under hedges.”

Genetically modified crops, climate change, pesticides and modern farming techniques have all been blamed for making bees vulnerable to parasites, viruses and other diseases.

More research is needed to pin down the exact cause of the declining number of bees, the European Parliament is expected to recommend in its vote Wednesday evening.

“The experts themselves are mystified,” said Parish. “A failure to act now could have catastrophic consequences.”

The EU parliament’s vote will carry no legal weight but is intended to nudge the European Commission and EU member states to take the matter seriously.



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November 20, 2008 at 11:38 am

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